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Israel Dairy Delicacies

Posted by Gil Travel on Dec 3, 2008, 2:54:58 PM

Israel Dairy Delicacies from the land of milk and honey.

Israel dairy

"I'm a huge fan of cheese, and when I discovered the amazing cheeses from Israel - I was sold on them!" says Jeffrey Nathan, celebrity cookbook author and television personality, caterer  and restaurateur.

Today people who eat kosher- or want to - follow food trends like everyone else. They want the same culinary experiences that other Americans enjoy. They want access to Mexican, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Greek, Italian, and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Israel is not new to cheese production, the land of milk and honey has been producing diary products for thousands of years and today is known for its multitude of world class artisanal cheeses. The dairy industry is one of Israel’s agricultural pillars and the country’s farming system of Kibbutz collective farms and Moshav family cooperatives provide Israeli dairies large and small with milk to create these cheeses as well as Israel’s famous yogurts, diary desserts and drinks.

The Kibbutz Yotvata, for example, situated 42 kms. north of the town of Eilat, has one of the largest dairy production branch. The name "Yotvata" is found in the Bible, in Deuteronomy, chapter 10, verse 7, as being the name of one of the way stations used by the children of Israel in their wanderings from Egypt to the land of Canaan.

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