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Israel Bike Tour

Posted by Iris Hami on Apr 26, 2014 12:04:47 PM

Experience an Israel Bike Tour!

israel bike tour gil travelIsrael Bike Tour

For the active traveler, Israel’s gentle landscape is best seen on the bike. Israel is a country where the hyper-modern and the ancient sit comfortably side by side, but the landscape familiar to the prophets is still there.

There are many bike trails to follow in Israel, and many resources available to plan your own bike tour of Israel. However, if you would like to just focus on biking and enjoying the sites without worrying about the logistics, we suggest taking a bike tour with Gil Travel where the millennial landscape of Northern Israel will reveal itself to you at the speed of two pedals over the span of 6 days and 5 nights.

israel bike tour tel aviv jerusalem gil travel Cruising through Israel

From Tel Aviv, Israel’s city that never sleeps, we head out by van to Keren Carmel, where a spectacular view of Galilee whets the appetite for the Amikam region, often called the Tuscany of Israel. Lush, neat groves of olives, wine grapes and fruit spread over the landscape we pass through as we burn off the freshest, tastiest Israeli cuisine and local specialties straight from the farm.

The tour continues into Rehania, one of the three Israeli villages where well-preserved Circassian culture survives. These Sunni Muslim refugees from Czarist Russia have proven their loyalty to the State of Israel from long before its foundation, and serve in the military; they are just one of the rich tapestry of cultures that make up Israel, which you will be uniquely positioned to savor – bicycles allow you to smell and taste and hear daily life happening around you as they go through the landscape and amongst people.

Biking makes all the difference as the tour winds on through the austere monasteries of Mount Tabor, wine tastings along the Sea of Galilee, and the industrious early kibbutzim which were the backbone of a very young Israel.

israel bike tour jerusalem night gil travel Jerusalem Night Tour

Departing from Tiberias, our base for much of the trip, and one of the Four Holy Cities of Judaism along with Jerusalem, Hebron and Safed, we spend the final day passing through breathtaking natural scenery, culminating in a refreshing swim in the pools of the Gan Hashlosha National Park.

For those able to spend a little more time, an enriching extension to the trip allows for a memorable night ride through the Old City of Jerusalem – a succession of world-famous sights in warm sandstone against deep blue night sky, nearly silent except for the whirr of one’s safe, sturdy mountain bike.

In all, Gil Travel’s Israel Bike Tour offers an entirely unique way to share daily life with Israelis as they go about their business – farming, working, playing – while also gazing upon some of Israel’s most famous vistas (and thoroughly earning the privilege through a bit of good honest sweat). Throughout, Gil Travel’s deep knowledge of the people, the history and the countryside guarantees that your visit will create memories that will last a lifetime.

If biking is not your preferred method of travel, we have a variety of Israel tours where you can enjoy all that Israel has to offer through comfortable coaches.

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