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How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

Posted by Gil Travel on Feb 14, 2008 2:09:02 PM

Ask anyone their definition of love and you will probably get a different answer every time. That's because there are different kinds of love for different situations. You can say I love a good movie, or I love exotic locations, but really, you only love those things for what they can do for you. It's kind of one sided. Those things don't love you back. But, that's okay. It's that kind of love.

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Now, friendship can be another kind of love, platonic, of course. This is a mutual love between friends that extends beyond just what they can do for you. We need this kind of relationship, because it is beneficial to both parties involved. It's more than that, because we also need companionship and social interaction for our everyday lives. Friends are people, no matter how near or far away, we can always count on to share great times with.

The deepest love is a love which puts the other persons well being far above our own. Romantic love is a feeling (along with attitude and action) so that the other persons happiness is a higher priority than our own. This is the love that causes people to go to the ends of the earth for each other! It is such a strong emotion, that it has fueled pages and pages of love stories and plenty of good movies too.

So, this Valentine's Day, remember what all those song writers said about their opinion of love. There's a lot! (How many can you and your Valentine name?) Well if that's too not what you love to do, go somewhere you love, do something you love, and of course, bring along that someone you love!

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