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The First Speculative Minutes in Your Hotel Room

Posted by Gil Travel on Jun 12, 2008, 1:40:38 PM

Up the elevator and down the hall: you're almost there. You know the feeling - you've travelled far to get to this room, and you have certain expectations! First off, set down the luggage and find out: where are those light switches? Are they high or low or do you turn on the lamp at the base? This is critical. Next, test the mattress, give it a good push (not at the corner! in the middle, because you won't be sleeping on the corner of the bed!) Now that those are out of the way, you MUST see what the view is. Open the drapes. Good.

The Air Conditioner/Heater is next! Check it now! It's easy: Red is warm and blue is colder. Ok, set. Where's the remote? How many stations do we got here? No time to check them all: the bathroom awaits. You know the basics are going to be there: shampoo, conditioner, and that teeny tiny bar of soap, but what about the things that REALLY make a difference? The shower cap, the hand lotion, and a comb wrapped in cellophane. The sink looks nice, and what's this?, there's two extra rolls of toilet paper! Not bad!

Ok, everything looks good overall, but now you have to check the real details. Is the phone by the bed, or is it on the desk? Sure, the alarm clock certainly looks easy to set, or should you play it safe with your travel one? On the desk lies the standard pen and pad of paper, along with the "Welcome Binder" with important restaurant/dry cleaner information. You need that. So now that you've done the rounds, you've earned the right to scan those TV channels with the air conditioning and lights on, propped up by your extra pillows. Good thing you checked the closet. You did check the closet, right?

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