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Gil Travel takes YOU to Tel Aviv Pride!

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on Jun 11, 2014 2:57:10 PM

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In honor of our very own Israel Pride tour coming up for Tel Aviv Pride 2015, Tel Aviv Pride 2015, we are unearthing some excellent Israeli LGBT history and insights- and we certainly don’t have to look far! Gay Tel Aviv has long been a safe haven for the Middle Eastern LGBT community, especially because of hostility often felt from all directions due to cultural and religious oppression that often drive people to this incredible cosmopolitan area. The trendy, young beach culture atmosphere of Tel Aviv has thus made it an ideal place for LGBT individuals to visit and live.

The nightlife found here is also legendary for people of all ages and backgrounds, so it comes to no surprise that the first Israeli Pride event was held in Tel Aviv in 1993. Since then, Israel has made impressive headway in the civil rights it protects of LGBT individuals in terms of marriage, adoption, and military service. Jerusalem and Eilat have followed suit in holding their own Pride events, although nothing compares to the original LGBT celebration in the prime hub of culture on the Mediterranean.

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Pride month usually begins with the International Day Against Homophobia on May 17th, which be honored with many lectures, debates etc. Throughout the entire Pride month that follows, there are many special events planned such as exhibitions, gay film festival, various parties and after parties, lectures and much more. Tel Aviv Pride itself will be held on June 12-18, with parties and events held all hours of the night and day! As with most Pride events, the Pride parade itself is the main event of the month and will take place on June 12th. It will begin at Gan Meir, via King George Street, through the Municipality and continue to Even Gvirol Street and Arlozorov, all the way through Gordon Beach. Gay Pride Tel Aviv will end with the traditional beach party, with many local and some international artists that will make you dance till the sun goes down on the city.

Though summer in Israel is always a prime travel and vacation season, Tel Aviv Pride is an excellent excuse to explore the larger LGBT scene in Israel as it truly comes to life in the months of June, July and August. The best gay beach in town is the Hilton Beach, just footsteps from a variety of main hubs and bustling hotel hotspots right on the coastal boardwalk. Pride month offers a host of free, public beach parties and celebrations at all hours of the night and day so regardless of if the sun is out or the stars are shining, our gay Israel tour will deliver you right to the midst of all exciting happenings in the area.

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As for entertaining yourself after hours, look no further for inside tips to the LGBT scene in Israel. The most challenging part of any Pride-related trip to Tel Aviv is choosing where to go first! Some local favorites include Evita, which is legendary for its exceptional drag scene. Check this bar out on any night of the week and you might even find yourself a key part of a drag show! Mondays are known for their great gay hip hop nights at the Lima Lima Club, while Wednesdays are known as “Dreck” nights in honor of the eclectic electro-pop music played. If you are lucky, you might even catch one of the rare, monthly parties held in more underground Tel Aviv gay venues- like “Arisa” parties on Fridays or “Chong” parties on Saturdays, both at the Comfort Club. The LGBT nightlife scene is ever changing to meet the needs of the season- although finding out the inside details about happening parties is easy to do, thanks to the friendly locals!

To experience the best of incredible LGBT culture of Israel, look no further than Gil Travel and our very own Tel Aviv Pride Tour 2015.

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