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Posted by Gil Travel on Apr 3, 2020 10:48:13 AM

A Mission to Amsterdam (1)

In the last month, travel insurance companies are inundated with claims having to do with ramifications of Covid-19 – whether it be a cancelled flight, closed borders, fear of endangering health and fear of the unknown. Since this is an unprecedented situation, the rules and regulations of the insurance companies have become fluid and are adjusting in their favor given the circumstances.

We wanted to share the latest information that we have, along with answers to many FAQ’s about travel insurance so that you can be best equipped to answer questions that come your way both now and when you’re ready to plan your next mission. Through these trying times we have learned that insurance should become part and parcel of any tour or mission to provide peace of mind for your participants. Rest assured, when you’re ready, we will be here ready too to provide the highest level of service.


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