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Ein Gedi: An unforgettable, enchanted part of Israel that must be experienced to be believed.

Posted by Iris Hami on May 9, 2013 2:38:39 PM

Ever wonder what a real Oasis looked like?

A green Garden of Eden in the wilderness, Ein Gedi National Park is exactly that, a natural oasis on the shore of the west side Dead Sea and the lowest place on Earth. I had always wanted to see an actual oasis and got my chance when I visited this stunning archaeological attraction. It actually turned out to be one of the most exciting places I have been in the world! Ein Gedi is composed of two Hebrew words: ein (spring) and gedi (goat-kid). My visit to “Kid Spring” was splendid indeed! Located near Masada and the caves of Qumran the oasis combines a wild natural setting, (great for hikers) history and archaeology. Nekhal (stream) David and Nekhal Arugot flow year round through deep canyons surrounded by lush vegetation. The contrast to the surrounding desert is just magical! Wildlife including Ibex (large goats with curved horns) and Conies (rabbits) abound as you walk through the canyons. Ein Gedi is where David took refuge from King Saul. An excellent solution! It really is extraordinarily beautiful on so many levels and is now internationally known as a health spa with patrons from all over the world. They come seeking the hot springs, mineral water, and mud baths. I found the entire area a luxury, vacation destination in itself! A destination worthy of exploring and savoring. The people living near Ein Gedi produce perfume from the Balsam plant which grows in profusion there. A synagogue with a very mysterious mosaic inscription perhaps associated with this is actually one of the park’s main attractions. I spent a couple of days in this region and found myself in awe of Ein Gedi, did a Jeep excursion and safari to Massada and also to Qumran caves. The travel experts at Gil will be happy to help you map out your trip here or anywhere else you have always wanted to go. Trips never to be forgotten. Even more fun to plan.

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