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Culinary Tour of Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on Oct 10, 2014 6:54:41 PM

Gil Travel Partners with Award-Winner Author Joan Nathan to bring Travelers the best of Culinary Israel


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There are dozens of unique features setting Israel apart as a legendary travel destination; the religious and historical significance of this incredible country keep it up to par as one of the most sought-after tour spots of the world!

Anyone who has spent time in Israel knows how impressive the culinary offerings are here, from delicious dairy all-you-can-eat breakfast buffets starting off your days of touring to the freshest farm-to-table meals fueling your incredible site seeing around the country. As a kosher-eating country full of its own culinary traditions, it is surprising to know that food in Israel has long been neglected as a tourism selling point- which is why we are honored to partner with author and food journalist Joan Nathan to bring you a Gil Travel exclusive tour on wonderful Israeli culinary culture.

In addition to her career as an author of various cookbooks and important literary articles on Jewish cuisine, Ms. Nathan has fallen in love with Israel and offers us her expertise in Israeli food culture. Together, we are curating a once in a lifetime Cultural and Culinary tour that combines the best of our Jewish Heritage Tours of Israel with Ms. Nathan’s special culinary knowledge and connections. Explore this beautiful Mediterranean gem with unique visits to historical sites like the Western Wall, Yad Vashem, Old Jaffa, and Massada. Additionally, indulge all of your senses with specially-arranged food tours and dining experiences unique to Ms. Nathan’s knowledge and background as a leading Jewish foodie. We have honed in on Ms. Nathan’s various literary works, television appearances, and awards to use her as a resource for this incredible experience and hope to deliver a satiating trip throughout the beautiful Holy Land- with plenty of delicacies in tow!

Culinary Features of the Cultural and Culinary Tour of Israel with Joan Nathan:

Food Tasting Tour at Machane Yehuda


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Machene Yehuda is one of the busiest markets in Israel and has endless sources of sensory stimulation! No matter what time of year or time of day, this incredible shuk offers visitors an excellent experience combining the best of Israeli shopping, cultural settings, and most of all- food! Enjoy this exclusive market tour to identify the wonderful gems amongst the stimulation of this larger than life food venue. Whether you crave delicious baked goods, healthy and healing produce, Israeli cheeses and halva, or authentic Middle Eastern spices there is no better place to look than Machane Yehuda. We bring you right to the action!



Visit to dairy farm in Kiryat Shmona

Located in the heart of Israel’s most gorgeous geographical region, Kiryat Shmona Israel’s northernmost city and a favorite food stop for the surrounding area. Visitors from Tel Dan Nature Reserve, Hulu Valley Nature Reserve, and many other adventure sites indulge in the fulfilling food offered at Kiryat Shmona’s various dairy farms and cafes. There is no better place to enjoy the local dairy culture of Israel as it has developed out of a kosher eating culture. The lush north provides farms an incredible background on which to cultivate their rich dairy offerings- and with our inside scoop we will deliver these succulent gems right to your mouth!

Dinner at Mizpe Hayamim’s Muscat Restaurant


muscat_11 Gourmet food from Muscat Restaurant
Photo Credit to Muscat Restaurant


Chef Chaim Tibi is legendary for the incredible menu and cuisine he has put together at Muscat. Located at the famous Mizpe Hayamim, Muscat is an amazing place to dine for hotel visitors and locals alike. This gem is coveted as a prime example of Israel’s farm-to-table culinary mission by Israeli’s themselves, and there is no better place to experience the finest this country has to offer than at the tables of Muscat. Primarily focused on French Cuisine and fresh produce and dairy collected from the grounds of Mizpe Hayamim itself, Muscat overlooks the gorgeous Sea of Galilee to supply plenty of visual stimulation to supplement your incredible meal.



Workshop and dinner with Eres Komorovsky

Chef Komorovsky is one of Israel’s star chefs and we are honored to have access to his incredible workshops through Ms. Nathan herself! Komorovsky and Nathan have been friends for years and share an amazing love for all things culinary- which is apparent when the two come together in the kitchen! Experience the majesty of the Chef first hand at this exclusive cooking workshop where you will be encouraged to taste, kneed, stir, sip and slice right alongside this Israeli legend. The best part of the evening will be getting to finally taste the work of culinary art you created together- although you certainly won’t want the night to end!

Authentic lunch at a local Druze village


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One of the best ways to get to know someone is to break bread with them for an intimate sharing of history and culture. On our culinary trip, get to do just that with the unique Israeli Druze community living amongst the melting pot of people in this beautiful country. Known for their delicious food that honors the culinary history of the area, the Druze are extremely welcoming and fond of the people who visit them for an inside experience into their world from around the world! Explore the food of our past and the bonds we share with the local Druze tribes with this unique opportunity to dine, indulge, and share.



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