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Coffee and Chocolate in Israel

Posted by Iris Hami on Jun 28, 2014 12:15:10 PM

5 Places to go for Coffee and Chocolate in Israel

chocolate trufflesSweet bliss (By Kevin Shine [CC BY 2.0], via flickr)

Coffee and chocolate. These two items are popular around the world. In recent years, Israelis have developed a taste for these two items and is becoming renowned for their high-quality production. There are annual chocolate weeks and festivals in Israel, so you know that Israel means sweet business!

Touring is exciting, but a new place, all the information, and exploring, you may find yourself a bit weary, wanting to relax and satisfy that desire for a strong cup of coffee and a bit of sweet chocolate. With the growing interest in coffee and chocolate, rest assured that there are many cafes and shops that offer coffee drinks that hit the spot and bars or truffles with the perfect percentage of cocoa to satisfy any craving.

Many say that food plays an integral role in the creation of lasting memories – take advantage of that power and visit any of the following locations for authentic coffee and chocolate in Israel.


[box title="The Coffee Mill" style="soft" box_color="#604020" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]coffee beans image cup steamingJerusalem’s Coffee Mill, or Tachanat Hacafe, offers a wide variety of exotic coffees with rich aromas. The Coffee Mill is located on Emek Refaim Street, where visitors can stop in and enjoy a steaming cup of coffee, or even take the beans home as souvenirs for later enjoyment. In addition to coffee, there is a nice selection of tea as well as sandwiches and salads for a pick-me-up in the afternoon. The Coffee Mill is open Sunday to Thursday, 7:00 to midnight; Friday 7:00 until the afternoon. The Coffee Mill is located on Emek Refaim St, German Colony & Baka.[/box]

[box title="Aroma Espresso Bar" style="soft" box_color="#604020" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]espresso chocolate coffee beansThis espresso bar opened in 1994 and was the first espresso bar in Israel, according to Aroma. From traditional-flavored coffees, to lattes, cappuccinos, desserts, to light refreshments, it is a convenient stop for a quick cup of coffee or a light meal. Voted as the coffee shop with the best prices and customer service, it is not surprising to know that there are over 100 locations in Israel and it is starting to branch out worldwide. Keep your eyes out for one and find out why it is so popular![/box]

Chocolate suggestions continue below! Here are some activities to do in your free time in between cafes while you people-watch, relax, enjoy your coffee and chocolate. 

Click for "Free Time in Israel Guide"


In 2011, Israel21C reported that chocolate represented $40 million in the country’s domestic market. Stop in at any of these locations if you’re interested in how chocolate is made, or if you just want a nibble of sweetness.

[box title="De Karina Chocolate Factory" style="soft" box_color="#604020" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]Located in Golan Heights, the public entrance to this chocolate factory is in fact a coffee shop. Before you make your way into the factory, there are several chocolate sculptures on display, courtesy of De Karina. Once inside, you can take a factory tour; take part in a tasting and workshop. These activities require a reservation. De Karina is open Sunday-Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday and Erev Chag from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Closed on Shabbat and Chagim. De Karina is located at: Kibbutz Ein Ziwan in Golan Heights. [carousel source="media: 3189,3188,3187,3186,3185" link="attachment" target="blank" height="200"][/box]

, via flickr
[box title="Chocolat Café Jerusalem" style="soft" box_color="#604020" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]In recent years, the tiny chocolatier/patisserie has grown to a full-sized two story café. Chocolat moved from its original location on Arlosoroff Street in Rechavia to King Solomon Street. The café has added a full lineup of Parisian sweets and pastries as well as simple meals, gourmet coffees and deluxe cocoa to sip. Chocolat Café is open Sunday – Thursday from 9 am to midnight; Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. One hour after Shabbat until midnight. Closed for Shabbat. Chocolat Café Jerusalem is located at 22 Shlomo Hamelech, Jerusalem.[/box]

, via flickr
[box title="Max Brenner" style="soft" box_color="#604020" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]The ultimate chocolate and coffee stop. Chances are, you’ve heard of this chocolate-bar/restaurant, or perhaps have been lured in by the delicious aroma of warm, melted chocolate that wafts out into the street, but did you know that it was founded in Israel in 1996? The business started as a small shop in Ra’anana, Israel that sold handmade chocolates out in the front with a workshop in the back. At the turn of the century, the business became a part of the Strauss Group, Israel’s second largest food and beverage company, and expanded their operations worldwide.

From chocolate pizzas, sugar waffles, to chocolate milkshakes, your taste buds are in for a special treat. And for those of us who love coffee as well, you would want to check out the Kangaroo Cup. It is a cappuccino cup with a small pouch that hold chocolate that was specially designed to celebrate and highlight the relationship between coffee and chocolate. Although Max Brenner can be found in many different locations worldwide, do try to stop in one when you’re in Israel. There is something to be said about having this chocolatey experience in the country in which it was founded. For those of us who can’t make a trip to Israel just yet, we will tease our taste buds with one of the 5 locations in the United States.[/box]

Doesn't this just give you a craving for some aromatic coffee and rich chocolate?

If you’re interested in taking a tour of Israel that includes stops at well-known coffee and chocolate shops, we at Gil Travel can help you design the perfect trip! Contact us to start planning your sweet vacation! 

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