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Beautiful Argentina Awaits You!

Posted by Gil Travel on Jun 23, 2008 1:20:19 PM

Gorgeous mountains and exquisite beaches, and stunning natural wonders make Argentina a diverse and impressive destination. Buenos Aires holds a high regard for visitors from around the world, and is famous for it's wonderful climate, as the name implies "Fair Winds". It is a modern city with close ties to it's historic roots, making this a port city not to be missed.

To the north of Buenos Aires is a nature lovers paradise: Iguazu Falls. This area has been set aside as a National Park, and it's an easy journey to get to this awesome paradise. The falls themselves get their name from local dialects meaning "Big Water" and range in height from 200 feet to almost 300 feet. The highlight is seeing the huge “Garganta del Diablo†or "Devil's Throat": with vast amounts of water thundering over the falls.

Argentina prides itself on making a tourist friendly atmosphere and has invited all to come and share in its splendor. Natural and architectural sights abound and there are more activities to do than there is time! Shops, parks, caves, antiques, mountains, beaches, and nightlife are all in Argentina, so bring a friend, because, of course, it takes "Two to Tango!".

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