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Achieve Enlightenment Through Buddha's Nostril

Posted by Gil Travel on May 5, 2008 12:43:18 PM

You've done the meditation, the concentration, and the sitting on mats. You've pondered the sound of one hand clapping and studied the Four Noble Truths. But have you passed through the nose of Buddha? Well, what are you waiting for? In Nara, Japan, there is a temple with a large post with a hole carved into it. If you pass through the hole, you are on your way to paradise.


So visitors from all over wiggle their way through the hole and become one with the universe! Amazing! These people simply visit Asia and have achieved what takes others decades, just by having their friends or family members yank on their arms and coming out the other end! No reports as to how many people have gotten stuck, so they probably let visitors decide for themselves if they're going to fit.


They say that the hole itself is the exact dimensions as one of the nostrils in the gigantic Buddha statue at the temple. And since you can't go through that, this is the next best thing. What they don't tell you is: why the hole is on the ground level? Maybe it's the "humble" crawl/wiggle that creates a "rebirth" in the eyes of universe? Either way, it's quite a unique experience!

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