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Bringing Your Beloved Pet with You to Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on Jan 14, 2019 11:42:00 AM

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If a tour to Israel is on your wishlist and you want to share that experience with your pets, but you are worried about bringing them with you, then worry no more! Israel is a pet-friendly country, especially Tel Aviv, which is home to more dogs than any other place in the Middle East, and you will often see people feeding stray cats. How wonderful is that? Here is everything you need to know about bringing your pets with you, about the care and fun for your furry friends while in the country, and even taking a newly adopted pet out of Israel.

Proper Procedure for Bringing the Animal Family Member into the Country

This step will ensure no quarantine for the traveling animal. If the proper procedure is not followed, your pet might be quarantined, returned home, or euthanized. Your dog or cat must: be microchipped, vaccinated for rabies, have a health certificate, and do the rabies test. There are four ports of entry for your pet: Ben Gurion Airport, Haifa seaport, Ashdod seaport, and Eilat seaport. You should notify the customs officials at the chosen port of entry in advance that your precious pet is coming, and fax them the paperwork two days before arrival, so a veterinary inspector will be available when you come. Also, follow the regulations in regards to the number of animals you are bringing with you, their age, and breed. See if your pet can fly with you in coach, but if they are flying in the cargo compartment and you’re making connecting flights, make sure they’re transferred to the next flight too. (Please find here the specific details about all the points mentioned above, and guidelines for bringing other animals.)

Vets in Tel Aviv

No matter how hard we try to protect our pets, bad things can happen at any time. Unlike smaller places, in big cities in Israel, particularly in Tel Aviv, there are numerous clinics around. Most are not open 24/7, but many have an emergency phone number. The best thing you can do is to find a vet, with an emergency number, closest to your accommodation. If you can’t speak Hebrew, speaking English shouldn’t be a problem, but just to be safe, find out if the vet speaks English beforehand so you can communicate easily, especially if your pet has a chronic condition and medical history.

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Dog Parks and Beaches

Scary part’s over, now let’s have fun! Israel is doggo heaven! Tel Aviv alone has four dedicated dog beaches and over fifty dog parks. How about taking your doggies to the beautiful Hilton Beach, or south of Tel Baruch Beach, or Alma Beach (Charles Clore Beach), where your dogs can play while you enjoy a drink with other pet parents? If you’re in Jaffa, make sure to go south of Givat Aliyah Beach. There are also many amazing parks for the entire family to enjoy, such as the Spiegel Park, the Hayarkon Park, and Gan Meir.

Pet Washes

After all that fun, it’s time for a bath. Most vet clinics offer the service to wash your pet, and there are quite a few pet salons, but there are also shops, open 24/7, where you can wash your pet yourself. Some popular self-service dog washing stations are Laika Dog Wash, which offers organic shampoo and conditioner, special anti-flea products, and a hairdryer, as well as Doggy Style, which also has a photo booth, a dog groomer, a food dispenser, and a vending machine for toys and accessories.

Pet Shops

Your pet has certainly been a very good boy or girl and deserves treats. Besides the basic necessities such as food and cat litter, there are all sorts of treats and toys for your pet in many great pet shops in Israel. Some of them offer services like dog washing and daycare too. One of the popular shops is Zoolu, which takes pride in paying special attention to the needs of your furry family members, offering quality products and fast delivery. It’s important to note that they do not sell animals. A few other great options are Pets R Us, Pet Shop Jaffo, Petpro, and Tel Aviv Zoo Centre, all of which offer a myriad of amazing pet supplies for all kinds of pets.

Rescue Groups: Adoption, Volunteering, and Donation

While in Israel, you might want to use your free time to help animals. Adopting a rescued animal to bring them into the family is a remarkable thing. Donating your time, necessities, or money, is greatly appreciated as rescue groups are in constant need for volunteers, food, and medicine. Animals departing Israel must be vaccinated (if older than three months), must have a holding license issued by the local authority and a health certificate signed by a government vet, not by private doctors. There are many huge and small organizations in Israel helping animals, and they all need assistance. It’s very easy to find them online. Don’t worry about not speaking Hebrew, as they will gladly communicate with you in English and assist you if you are interested in their work, adoption days, volunteering, donating, adopting, and/or fostering.

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