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Bring Israel Home- with Flowers

Posted by Gil Travel on Dec 8, 2008 1:14:59 PM


The beautiful, fertile land of Israel - and the new irrigation technologies-- has become noted for the prolific and abundant fresh flower sales.  You could say that business is blooming!

Israel's flower, plant and propagation-material export brings upward of $200 million into the economy annually. The country is third only to the Netherlands and Kenya.

Israel's average of 300 sunny days a year and relatively warm winter temperatures, especially in the Negev Desert, are excellent for growing Europe's summer flowers, when that continent is experiencing cold weather; advantageously, off-season flowers bring higher profits.

Farmers, whatever they may be growing or raising, are a hardy lot and have a keen scent for profits. Eyal Policar, in his 40's owns and operates a 4-hectare flower farm in Moshav Zofar, in the Arava rift of southern Israel. "Policar Arava Farms" sell several varieties of Trachelium, Limonium and Gypsophilia worldwide. Flowers grown in the wilderness by Mr. Policar, are shipped to buyers in the United States. Israel has attracted attention to its flower growing activities as it is the world's leader in flower exports to Europe, according to statistics provided Haim Hadar, secretary of the Flowers Growers Association. Israeli flowers have gained a high reputation following many years of investing in improving flower quality, developing new varieties to meet customer demand, and rapid response to the changing fashions in the flower world.

Danziger – “ Dan †Flower Farm, founded in 1953, is one of Israel’s leading floriculture companies. From a small family business, growing and selling cut flowers, the nursery developed into a company of 200 employees.


flowers [Bild zoomen]  Impatiens `Harmony ® Orange Star ´
The `Harmony Orange Star´ is the most unique of the varieties. It has a brilliant radiating star, that captivates the onlooker with its glowing white colour, surrounded by a beautiful orange on the outer petals. All this beauty is placed on a compact growth habit.

flowers [Bild zoomen] Petunia `Purple Vein Ray ´™
`Purple Vein Ray´ symbolizes, what we were looking for all along – it is early, sturdy, compact with large stretched out flowers. The variety is also floriferous and captivates anyone, who walks into a garden center.

flowers[Bild zoomen] Bacopa `Scopia ™ Gulliver Blue Sensation´
Masses of giant, light blue flowers cover the compact, very branched plant, making it a real sensation! `Scopia Gulliver Blue Sensation´ has a wavy-trailing growth habit.

flowers [Bild zoomen] Salvia nemorosa `Sallyrosa ™ Blue´
`Sallyrosa Blue´ has abundant blue flowers on a compact and branched habit. The new Salvia nemorosa is also drought tolerant and tolerant to low and high temperatures. As a result the `Sallyrosa Blue´ can therefore flower from early spring right through winter. Ideally suited for pots, patios and gardens.

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