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Beyond Israel: Three Popular Destinations for a Jewish Heritage Trip

Posted by Iris Hami on Dec 23, 2013 1:46:20 PM


Jewish Heritage travel Budapest waterfront Budapest Parliament Building on waterfront


Beyond Israel: Three Popular Destinations for a Jewish Heritage Trip

When you think of a Jewish Heritage Trip, what destination comes to mind? Yes, Israel's an obvious choice, but dozens of other locations around the world also offer you the chance to learn about and reconnect to your roots. Why not experience the sights, tastes and smells of other popular destinations that are loaded with Jewish heritage during your next family vacation.  Here are three interesting options:

Discover Rich History and Culture in Portugal


Jewish Heritage travel lisbon portugal tower world Belém Tower in Lisbon, Portugal


From Lisbon to Tomar, over half-a-dozen Portuguese cities offer insight into Jewish history, culture and life on the Iberian peninsula. Explore the area that was home to the 15th century's largest Jewish community, tour towns that welcomed Jews after the Edict of Expulsion and marvel at museums dedicated to Jewish life. And while you're in Portugal, sunbathe beside the Atlantic Ocean, explore open air markets and enjoy local cuisine, just one of the extra perks associated with any Jewish heritage trip.

Explore the Past and Celebrate the Future in Eastern Europe

Synagogues and cemeteries line a Jewish heritage trip to Eastern Europe, but you'll also see other sites of equal significance. Explore the Krakow concentration camps, Warsaw ghetto and the world's largest synagogue in Budapest as you mingle with local Jews, participate in Shabbat services and explore the land that's intertwined with Jewish life in the past and in the present.

Learn About Jewish Heritage in Turkey 


Jewish Heritage travel istanbul turkey bridge Galata Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey


Majestic architecture, historic sites, natural wonders and shopping opportunities by the thousands await you during a Jewish heritage trip to Turkey. You'll marvel at the country's natural beauty and rich architecture as you visit Istanbul, Konya, Ephesus and other cities. Walk in the footsteps of ancient and modern Jews, feel a connection to Asia Minor and understand its role in influencing Jewish life around the world.

A Jewish heritage trip offers you an experience of a lifetime. It opens your eyes to the smells, flavors and rituals of a culture that shapes your life. With pride, travel to a popular Jewish heritage destination with your family, synagogue or close friend, and discover the wonder of distant lands, thriving cities and amazing culture while exploring your Jewish heritage.

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