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10 Best Travel Destinations for 2007

Posted by Gil Travel on Jan 14, 2008 8:57:21 AM

1 Argentina - Buenos Aires is a popular vacation spot for many around the world. The ambiance of the French atmosphere combines with the sultry sounds and moves of the tango in this coastal capital city.

2 Australia - No world traveler's journey is complete without a trip to Sydney, the largest city in Australia. Known for its friendly people and distinctive skyline, Sydney is a destination that is hard to pass up. Attractively, it is known as a year-round destination because the climate is temperate, even in the winter.

3 China - China's tourism has been a boon for a country rich in tradition and culture. Said to overtake France as the #1 world travel destination by the year 2014, China is starting to get noticed by many. Having the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing to look forward to, prospective visitors are advised to confirm plans early in the season.

4 Czech Republic - Prague, the "golden city," is a highlight to many travelers of Europe and beyond; the reasons are beautifully and romantically obvious. There are hundreds of concert halls, galleries, cinemas and music clubs in the city. Upon arrival to this destination, Prague's integrated transport system brings riders to within a five-minute walk to any feature within the central city, reliably and cheaply.

5 Germany - Berlin is classic Germany at its best. Known to air and land travelers as a hub location, this intellectually stimulating and artistic locale is worth more than a mere lay-over visit. And when the sun goes down, dances and parties of all kinds begin to "rev up," belying the conventionality seen by daylight.

6 India - the subcontinent of India is full of adventure. The Taj Mahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, is a must see on anyone's travel to-do list. Nature tourism meets and exceeds expectations here- expect to enjoy waterfalls, preserves, and amazing animals, large and small.

7 Israel - Classic and appealing, Jerusalem is loved around the globe for its old and new alike. Here, an enduring and monumental culture makes ancient history alive again. Modernity Areas such as Haifa are also gaining in popularity, according to the Jerusalem Post.

8 Morocco - Casablanca which was also made popular by the movie with the same name boasts some very impressive architectural sights. Marrakech, also known as the city of gold, deserves attention for its handicrafts and bazaars that make local artifacts available to anyone willing to bargain a price. And don't forget to sample coffee from the many cafes.

9 Spain - if you're looking for that classic European style, few cities compare to Barcelona, a Mediterranean coast destination and a designated world-class city. For those in search of beaches and parks, please revel in the abundance of well-maintained choices to choose among here. Catalan, the language and culture of Barcelona, is finding its revival under friendly auspices, and harks back historically more than 2000 years.

10 Vietnam - Hanoi allows the traveler to explore the old and new side by side. Food and flavor tempt the most discerning palate to sample a friendly central mix of Asian cuisine while the historical influence of the French permit the flourish of luxury hotel standards to befit anyone who enjoys a measure of relaxation.

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