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Best Places for Foodies to check out in Israel on an Israel food tour

Posted by Iris Hami on Jan 30, 2014 9:20:50 AM


If you’ve been to Israel before, you know that whether you are eating in a local café or a trendy restaurant, you can pretty much guarantee a fresh and delicious meal. In fact, you have probably also noticed that there is an abundance of vegetables in Israel and each has their own distinct taste and flavor. If you haven’t been to Israel before, then a world of culinary discovery awaits. Foodies like me tend to plan their trips around food and wine. So here are some ideas for culinary experiences you must not miss on your next Israel food tour.


Outdoor Markets Spices Galore!


1.     Markets to see on your Israel food tour Israel’s outdoor markets offer an abundance of fruits, vegetables, spices, fish, meat and sweets to heighten all your senses.  It’s a special experience to walk through these markets bustling with people and shouting vendors throwing you straight into a typical Middle Eastern experience.  Here are two of my favorites:

  • Carmel Market - Location:  Carmel Street, Tel Aviv
  • Machane Yehuda Market - Location, Machane Yehuda Street, Jerusalem

2.     Wineries to see on your Israel food tour Israel offers world class wine.  See for yourself with a wine tour and tasting.

  1. Carmel Winery: Located in Zichron
  2. Yaakov, 40 minutes north of Tel-Aviv
  3. Tzora: A boutique vineyard located in Kibbutz Tzora, in the hills of Jerusalem
  4. Golan Heights Winery: a variety of wines to taste in the Golan Heights, 2.5 hours north of Tel Aviv

3.  Cultural food stops on your Israel food tour Israel is a melting pot of cultures. With that comes some very special culinary traditions that you can experience.  Here are two very special ones:

  1.  Bedouin Tent:  Stop for a traditional Bedouin pita and labane (sour white cheese) with zaatar (blend of herbs) at Vadhan as you tour the south of Israel.
  2. Druze:  Stop by the Druze village of Ossafia along Mt. Carmel and enjoy the abundant hospitality of the Druze community with a traditional meal as you tour the north of Israel.

In between your touring and tasting, you may have some free time on your hands.  Check out our “free-time in Tel-Aviv & Jerusalem” guide to get some ideas of special things to do with a little free time.

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