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Benefits of TSA Pre-check Enrollment

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on Jan 25, 2016 1:30:38 PM

Put your security screening hassles at ease by enrolling in the TSA Pre-check program! The TSA Pre-check allows for trusted travelers to expedite the process of security screenings with their luggage.
Created to accelerate procedures, the process was implemented to free up lanes during TSA checks.

TSA imageThe benefits that come from TSA Pre-check are plentiful. Normally before boarding the plane, passengers must remove their shoes, light outerwear, belts, and expose their laptops along with any carryon liquids and gels. With TSA Pre-check, these burdens are alleviated. The offer allows for a more comfortable route through the airport before boarding an airplane. There is no need to undergo the irritation of taking off clothing and shoes, and removing your laptop from its case. An immense advantage of TSA Pre-check is that travelers get to dodge the long lines that usually accumulate during these checkpoints. TSA Pre-check is valuable to frequent fliers who repeatedly have to endure the nightmarish process of airport security.

Eligibility for this program requires that the passenger is a United States citizen or a Lawful Permanent Resident, and has not been convicted of certain felonies. TSA Pre-check requires an application and an $85 fee, which lasts the traveler for five years.

TSA Pre-check is currently offered at more than 150 airports across the nation, with 12 participating airlines. To see if the airport you are traveling from offers this service, you may visit .

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