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Bar Mitzvah in Beijing

Posted by Gil Travel on Aug 25, 2008 12:52:27 PM

Bar Mitzvah

(image credit: n0nick)

What could be better than a Bar Mitzvah surrounded by family, friends and an enlightening d'var Torah? A Bar Mitzvah surrounded by family, friends, an enlightening d'var Torah and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games! One lucky boy, Isaac Shapiro, got the privilege to travel all the way to China to watch the Olympic Games and celebrate his step into adulthood.

Although his voice was a bit raspy due to cheering at the events, he chanted the maftir and haftarah in a confident voice at the Chabad shul. His d'var Torah reviewed the Ten Commandments and used many humorous sports references. In addition to having his family celebrate this achievement, the shul was also full of complete stranger that made their own way out to Beijing, a great majority from Israel and the United States.

“So many people we have met during our trip to China have told us that what we’re doing is really special,†said Marjie about her family's idea to plan the celebration during the Olympics.
"Other tourists, especially Jews, were really blown away when we told them about the bar mitzvah. Lots of people said it was the best story they’d heard yet in Beijing.â€

Even with all the sports excitement of the Olympic Games, Isaac's bar mitzvah was truly the highlight of the Shapiro family's trip.

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