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Why NOW is the Best Time to Travel with Us to Cuba

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on June 24, 2016

After years of forbidden travel, we are excited to offer trips to the exotic and mysterious island of Cuba! This unique area is one of the hottest travel destinations right now, but did you know that in order to travel to Cuba right now, you need to go with a trusted travel agency? If you’re thinking of waiting until the day you and your family can travel there without a travel group, you might want to reevaluate. There are countless reasons to travel there as soon as possible!

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The Smooth Soundtrack of Cuba

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on June 21, 2016


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Planning a Wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah Abroad? This is Why You Need a Travel Agency

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on June 17, 2016

Price: Because of worldwide connections, travel agencies can get better hotel rates and perks like free upgrades, or even free rooms.

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Three Must-Try High End Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on June 15, 2016

No matter your interest or objective when visiting Tel Aviv, there is something for everyone. From its Bauhaus architecture to the variety of international cuisines and highly rated restaurants, Tel Aviv is a modern city that retains much of its quaint charm and history.

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How Do People Use Travel Agents?

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on March 23, 2016

Looking to book that trip abroad you’ve been thinking about? Interested in requesting special accommodations and amenities, as well as getting an inside scoop on your destination?

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Worldwide Jewish Heritage Countries [Infographic]

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on February 10, 2016

When you hear Jewish heritage, Jewish culture, or Jewish history, chances are Israel will pop into mind and maybe Poland. But Jewish culture has a strong influence on many countries and there are many countries across the globe that are rich with Jewish heritage, such as Portugal, Morocco, and India to name a few from very different parts of the world.

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Benefits of TSA Pre-check Enrollment

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on January 25, 2016

Put your security screening hassles at ease by enrolling in the TSA Pre-check program! The TSA Pre-check allows for trusted travelers to expedite the process of security screenings with their luggage.
Created to accelerate procedures, the process was implemented to free up lanes during TSA checks.

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Jewish Explorations Launches 2016 Study Tours

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on October 29, 2015

Discover Jewish Civilization Around the Globe

JEWISH EXPLORATIONS is now offering an array of exciting educational travel programs in collaboration with us, the Gil Travel Group headquartered in Philadelphia.  As a leader in Jewish travel to Israel and worldwide, we're excited to work on these Scholar-Led Jewish Study Tours. Our first tour will depart in March 2016. Keep reading for more information and the complete roster of 2016 tours.

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A Culinary Experience of Israel

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on August 19, 2015

by Jackie Sayet

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Introducing New Jewish Tours with Scholars

Posted by Lauren Yagoda on August 3, 2015

We at Gil Travel Group are very proud and excited to announce our upcoming collaboration with Adult Jewish Learning Programs in Princeton, NJ to offer the Jewishly-engaged sophisticated traveler a new option in worldwide education travel.

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