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Israel's Past Rulers and Where to Find Them

Posted by Gil Travel on January 2, 2020

The area of Israel has a millennia-old history and has been called home by numerous civilizations. Today, we can see their legacy and the remnants of their intricate cultures. How amazing is that? As we’re talking about many centuries of history, we won’t be able to discuss each period in detail, but we’ll still be able to see what immense impact these cultures had on the creation of the country as we know it today.

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Three Fantastic Private Tours to Eastern Europe

Posted by Gil Travel on December 27, 2019

Eastern Europe is a place of fairytales. It’s a region of fascinating sceneries, architecture, tradition, art, and a myriad of other awe-inspiring things, all welcoming us. Tours are a fantastic way of visiting and enjoying a country, whether we’re going there for the first time or we’ve been there many times before. All we need to do is show up – everything else is taken care of. And if you can believe it, it can get even better than that. We can book a private tour and enjoy all the perks and luxury that come with it and that we deserve. These tours come in a number of different ‘shapes and sizes’ so to say, so that there’d be numerous options that fit our interests, and each of these is carefully crafted to give us travelers the best experience.

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Christian Tours to Israel in 2020

Posted by Gil Travel on December 23, 2019

There is nothing better than the first-hand experience of the Holy Land and the immense significance it has for millions of people all across the world. There is a long and special history that one can witness only in Israel, where people get to walk the roads that Jesus once took, visit the places he was born and lived in, and see the sites that the Bible describes. We live in a fantastic age when we can simply choose a tour that will make our life-long dreams a reality, or even have a tour tailored just for us! Let’s check out some of these biblical tours of dreams we can go on in 2020.

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Best Bat and Bar Mitzvah Tours to Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on December 18, 2019

The Bar and Bat Mitzvah mark a special transition in a life of young person, proudly celebrated with family and friends in love and joy, when many beautiful memories are made. And what more fitting place on Earth to have the ceremony than in Israel? We can choose to travel as a family and ex[eroemce a private bat and bar mitzvah tour to this breathtaking land. The tours come with a unique experience of Israel, its very long and fascinating history, culture and tradition. What’s more, we can have these tours perfectly tailored to make our young ones’ dreams come true, whether they’d like a traditional ceremony in one of Israel’s historic cities and sites, or they wish an alternative celebration in a contemporary place.  This is an opportunity to begin forging a Jewish identity and ties to Israel that will last a lifetime. 

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Prague in the Winter

Posted by Gil Travel on December 17, 2019

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History of Masada

Posted by Gil Travel on December 6, 2019

Masada is a site that all the travelers ought to visit at least once in their lives. Regardless if you’re a fan of history, of architecture, ancient stories, ancient religions, archeology, or the most amazing views, Masada has all of that and much more. This stone fortress situated in a desert, on an isolated plateau, is today an Israeli national park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a home to a long, rich and unique history and the lives of the people living 2,000 years ago – their struggles and their accomplishments. Let’s take a closer look.

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Berlin’s Christmas and New Year Magic

Posted by Gil Travel on December 2, 2019

December and January are considered to be the most magical time of the year in many countries – and rightfully so. There is a very special atmosphere that arrives with the Christmas and New Year spirit, two holidays that are often mentioned together and are celebrated by billions of people across the world. How wonderful is that? Now, imagine travelling during this season to one of the world’s most beautiful metropoles – Berlin. This city loves holidays! And interestingly, they are less about the commercial aspect here than in most other places.

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Israel's Amazing Open-Air Markets

Posted by Gil Travel on November 28, 2019

Israel’s colorful and fragrant open-air markets, also known as shuks, are true treasure-troves, guaranteed to satisfy almost any need and quench anybody’s thirst for a first-hand experience of the unique Israeli culture. Depending on the market, you can buy pretty much anything you need there, whether you are staying for a short time, or you’re planning to live in the country for a while. You’ll find there the freshest food, fruits, vegetables, spices, sweets, cake, and a lot more.  You can also buy house appliances and a variety of souvenirs to take home to your loved ones, or visit one of the cafes and bars in the shuk, as well as the eateries that offer a variety local dishes and sweets. Let’s check out three of many such wonderful places across the country.

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5 Top-Rated Attractions in Tel Aviv

Posted by Gil Travel on November 20, 2019

Tel Aviv is without a doubt, not only one of Israel’s most popular cities, but one of the favorite places to visit for travelers from across the globe. This city has it all and welcomes its guests with all it has. We’ll see here great many religious sites, but also museums, theatres, popular art and literary sites, most entertaining of clubs and bars, amazing beaches, and much more. It’s difficult choosing just a few of so many top-rated attractions, but let’s start our Tel Aviv tour with these five.

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Budapest Off the Beaten Path

Posted by Gil Travel on November 18, 2019

There is no denying that Budapest is a city of many wonders and a myriad of popular tourist spots whichever way you go. But Budapest is not only the famous, crowded tourist attractions. While many people wish to see these the first time they come here, those coming for a second or third time, or those who’d like to avoid the overly crowded areas, may seek out calmer places outside the standard tourist districts. These are places off the beaten path where people can have fun, where they can relax, but still learn about the country’s culture, tradition and history.

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