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10 Reasons to Visit the Negev Desert

Posted by Gil Travel on June 18, 2018

The Negev Desert covers over half of Israel’s total land area, much of it uninhabited, but it has so much to offer to its visitors. Are you after some spectacular sites? Or ancient ruins? Maybe you just wish to relax, or you are searching for your next adventure. Look no further than the magnificent Negev that has it all. Here are ten of many reasons to include the Negev Desert in your next tour of Israel.

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6 Archaeological Sites to Visit in Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on June 11, 2018

Given the country’s long history that spans thousands of years, its resilience and individuality, but also a great number of different rules it had been under, it is not a surprise that there are various and magnificent archaeological sites to explore on every turn. Here are six archaeological sites you might want to visit while on one of your tours to Israel.

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Eastern European Castles Worth Visiting

Posted by Gil Travel on June 7, 2018

With many of its countries joining the EU, and budget airlines being on the rise, visiting Eastern Europe is now easier than ever. In addition, a number of fantastic tours to Eastern Europe are available nowadays. A major highlight of one such tour is castles! Some stand proudly in the city centers, others rest in the countryside. Some became ruins, and others museums, or are still privately owned. Still, these castles are at the center of their countries’ histories.

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Must-Visit Kibbutzim in Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on June 4, 2018

Kibbutzim are pioneering establishments, and the kibbutz movement is one of the most iconic in modern Israel’s history. Kibbutz is the Hebrew word for gathering, a notion that is extremely important to Israelis. The origin of kibbutzim is mostly agricultural. Many young immigrants from Eastern Europe that came from the early 1900’s toiled to cultivate the swamp land and make it habitable. As many came with socialist beliefs, they created entire communes. These were organized around agriculture and the idea that all property, including the fruit of their work, should belong to the community as a whole. That is why the results of their labor were equally shared by all members. From the 1970s, many kibbutzim were privatised. Today, kibbutzim export agricultural goods, cut diamonds, and drip irrigation equipment. Some offer tours, and others provide an authentic kibbutz experience with their living and work programmes.

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Things You Didn't Know About Jerusalem

Posted by Gil Travel on May 31, 2018

When choosing one of many tours to Israel, one always desires to visit this inspiring place. Jerusalem is indeed a city of pilgrimages, but it is not only that. This welcoming city has so much more to offer to all different types of visitors, such as various cultural sites, art events, culinary experiences, delightful natural sights and, of course, a myriad of stories that form its history and that Jerusalem will tell to all who wish to listen.

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Things to know before a trip to Russia

Posted by Gil Travel on May 10, 2018

Russia is a place of a long and splendid history and culture, of renowned art, welcoming people, nightlife, magnificent animals, celebrated architecture, and of nature, and not at all what popular stereotypes make it to be. It wonderfully incorporates contemporary Western imports into its Slavic culture, while preserving Russian tradition and uniqueness. Being such a popular destination, it is included in many excellent Eastern Europe tours.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Budapest

Posted by Gil Travel on May 1, 2018

With its long history and culture, and stunning skyline, the Hungarian capital is an ideal travel destination. There is something for everybody. Besides the famous cultural and natural landmarks, there are numerous festivals to enjoy, not to mention countless restaurants and bars greatly appreciated by tourists. Already an affordable city, many of its sites are totally free! A breathtaking place, Budapest is nowadays included in many tours to Eastern Europe.

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The Places Where a Tour Guide can Greatly Enhance Your Experience

Posted by Gil Travel on April 17, 2018

When thinking about a holiday, many people plan their trip on their own, using websites, recommendations and travel books to choose their next site. Others turn to an escorted tour company and join their tours. The reasons why many people would rather choose travel agencies and tour guides is to have an expert recommend where to go, what travel route to do and more. Oftentimes, the destinations have so many options that the information online or in travel books can be overwhelming. Another strong benefit is the fact that these tours are planned and executed flawlessly, with practically no effort from the tourist’s side.

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Escorted tours 101: All you need to know

Posted by Gil Travel on April 10, 2018


Traveling abroad for a vacation sounds like an amazingidea until the moment you start organizing the trip and planning the details. That’s where many tourists get frustrated as it becomes quite hard to decide which places are worth visiting and how to fit everything into your schedule which is very often time limited.

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8 of the Most Anticipated Hotels Opening in Israel in 2018

Posted by Gil Travel on April 3, 2018

2018 brings new opportunities and amazing places to stay in when on your next trip to Israel. With a growing number of tourists each year, new hotels will be opened in order to provide the best service and ensure an amazing experience to all tourists.

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