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Ashely Pearson

Ashley first arrived in Israel as a tourist, and 20+ years later is still in the Holy Land! He runs IGoogledIsrael, an online travel guide, restaurant reviewer and events calendar all rolled into one. Ashley trumps the likes of Lonely Planet and Let’s Go with his up-to-date, edgy and fun reports on all things Israel, always served with a heaping spoonful of British humor!

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Best places to visit around the world: 9 locations to give you an experience like no other!

Posted by Ashely Pearson on June 22, 2017

Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes us richer. You’ve probably heard this saying many times before, but it truly is that way in reality. The world has fast become a smaller place for travelers but there are many places that you’ll want to discover or even rediscover.

This list below is a compilation of the top 9 places around the world that might not be on your travel radar - but really should be. Chances are you’ll return from these places with a different view of the world and quite often with a different view of yourself. For more on incredible destinations to visit, check out the Top 10 places to Visit Before you Die and Unique Vacation Ideas to Add to your Bucket List. Read on!

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