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9 Travel Tips for Visiting Morocco

Posted by Iris Hami on Oct 20, 2014 5:47:47 PM


No matter where you vacation or what time of year you travel, you can never know too much about how to prepare!

Morocco is no exception, for it is a very unique destination with a variety of elements to consider. Before your next trip to Morocco, check out these tips!


1.  Tipping


Tipping is a very important part of daily life in Morocco, so be sure to have a wide range of change on your person to make tipping easier and stay on the right side of the locals. At restaurants, be prepared to tip 5-10% and don’t forget to tip anyone else who assists you with luggage, transportation, or safety.
2.  When to go

morocco 1.jpg

Morocco is the most lush during the spring months, which are also the best months to visit in terms of weather and climate. Plan around Ramadan as well, for while it is a good time to visit a lot of restaurants might be closed during daytime hours.

3. What's a Riad


A Riad is a gorgeous house built around an internal garden. This is a standard form of architecture in Morocco and stands alone as an authentic residential experience here.  

4. How to dress

Dress conservatively. Regardless of the weather, dress conservatively. Observe your surroundings to get a sense of how the locals dress and present themselves. Generally, it is a good idea to keep arms and legs covered unless you are at the beach or pool. Opt for light, cotton material that is breathable and fast-drying. 

5. Etiquette 


Accept tea and converse. If offered tea by a local, it is expected that you will at least take a few sips and enjoy conversation with them. Sharing tea is an important part of local culture in Morocco and is also a great way to get to know the culture!

6. Toilet Paper!

Bring some extra toilet paper with you to the bathroom, because sometimes they are under-stocked. You can never be too careful!

 7. Official Languages

Arabic and French are the main languages used in Morocco, most signs are in these language as well. Try to learn some common travel phrases before your trip, and jot down some addresses that you need for easy travel.

*Note: It is recommended to have the name of your hotel and the address written down in the native language in case you need help orienting yourself.
8. Hygiene
Which hand are you using? Use your right hand to eat food, especially in sight of locals. The left hand is used for personal hygiene, and the right hand is used for shaking hands and eating.


9. How to get there
Royal Air Maroc. Royal Air Maroc is the only airline that offers direct flights from the US to Morocco, and also tends to be the most affordable. Do your research before booking but know that sometimes it is best to go right to the source


There is so much history and culture in Morocco. Don't stress over the tiny details. Let Gil Travel take care of you while you enjoy your time there!

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