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9 Can't-Miss Photo Spots for Stunning Photographs in Israel

Posted by Iris Hami on Jun 19, 2014 11:53:58 AM

9 Can't-Miss Photo Spots in Israel

photo spots israel aqueducts caesarea arch travel beach"Beach, past & present" by amira_a [CC BY 2.0], via flickr)

If you’re planning a trip to Israel every moment and location is worth photographing. However, these locations stand out to us for shutterbugs who want to capture vibrant, dynamic and unforgettable photos.

Whether you’re in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Eilat, or Haifa there are a variety of locations that some consider “must photograph” sites. Take a look at this list and consider the following locations as you plan your trip.

Tel Aviv


[box title="Old Jaffa" style="noise" box_color="#1143e9" title_color="#ffffff" radius="6"]You won’t find glass towers and skyscrapers in the old city of Jaffa! You’ll have amazing photographs when you visit the Clock Square, which was built in 1906 to show respect for Sultan Abed al-Hamid. Make sure to visit the Zodiac Alleys, a maze of restored alleys leading to the harbor. These alleys feature various art galleries, including the Farkash Gallery, the Libyan Synagogue, and much more! If you’re interested in archaeological excavations, check out Jaffa’s Hill, where 3,500 year-old Ancient Egyptian gates were found, along with Napoleon-era cannons and the Ramses Gate.[/box]



[box title=" Hacarmel Market" style="noise" box_color="#fbc87f" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]This is Tel Aviv’s largest market, filled with vendors of foods like the Turkish Bourekas stand, or the bakery Lechamim. Vendors holler from their stands while visitors hustle through the walkways and haggle with the vendors, trying to get the best deal for their bucks. The movement and dynamism makes each photograph like a snowflake; each capture is unique from the other photographers that trekked through.[/box]




[box title="Timna Park" style="noise" box_color="#fdc920" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]This park is a unique natural reserve, and there are many things to do when you arrive. You can tour the region by bike, take a guided tour of the reconstructed Tabernacle that is a replica of the Tabernacle that God told his children to build. No matter where you turn, each angle is a flattering one to capture. [/box]



[box title="The Red Canyon" style="noise" box_color="#a2321f" title_color="#ffffff" radius="6"]Located 15 km from Eilat the Red Canyon is a great place to go for a hike, especially if you’re a nature-lover. In the Negev desert, the Red Canyon is 150 meters long, 2-3 meters wide and 30 meters tall. The canyon is mostly red sandstone but there are shades of purple and white mixed in. It’s breathtaking and may take up to two hours or more to tour.[/box]



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[box title="The Coral Reef" style="noise" box_color="#57b1ff" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]Extending for over 1200m, the coral reef in Eilat is one of the most northernmost reefs in the world. While it is more typical for people visiting this site to partake in snorkeling, scuba diving or just relaxing it is also a cool and interesting place to photograph, especially if you have an underwater camera handy! [/box] Keep reading for more photo spots in Israel, article continues below Click the button below to download our "Free Time in Israel Guide" for more activities to do and more photo opportunities!




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[box title="Haas Promenade" style="noise" box_color="#fbbe13" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]One of the best known vantage points in Jerusalem, the Haas Promenade gives a breathtaking view of the Holy City below you. Its incredible views include the Dome of the Rock and all of the Old City’s walls but then again – there’s not much you can’t see from the famed tayelet. This definitely is a great place to capture some authentic landscape photos of the entire city, especially at the higher sections.[/box]



photo spots israel travel jerusalem women's side wester wall people tourism Women's side at the Western Wall
By Gil Travel


[box title="Western Wall" style="noise" box_color="#fbf9d6" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]One of the biggest religious symbols in the world, The Western Wall, has remained intact since the Second Jerusalem Temple was destroyed in 70 C.E. An extremely popular tourist attraction, many come to gather and marvel over its glory. A famed tradition is the placing of prayer notes in the cracks of the Wall. Over 1 million notes are left each year. Take time to reflect and photograph while here.[/box]



photo spots israel travel haifa bah'ai gardens aerial green city Baha'i Gardens
By Gil Travel


[box title="Baha'i Gardens" style="noise" box_color="#5bb95a" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]The Baha’i Shrine and Gardens is the city’s number one tourist attraction. It contains the extravagant golden dome. Its significance in history makes it exciting, although now it is better known as a tranquil, peaceful memorial. It is now considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Make sure you stop by while they’re giving a free tour of the gardens to take enough photos to encompass the site’s lush, natural beauty.[/box]


[box title="Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery" style="noise" box_color="#a1cdf7" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]Built in 1836, the Monastery is well known for its luxuriant frescos. The architecture is quite stunning, as is the ride up. The cable cars are the fastest and simplest way to make it to the Monastery. As an added bonus, there are excellent panoramic views all the way up and at the top. Take unforgettable pictures of Haifa from this perspective.[/box]


Once you're there, you'll quickly realize how sparse this list is because everywhere you turn is photo-worthy. For the average tour , with a point and shoot camera, 4 GB should be sufficient storage for some short videos in addition to photos. 4 GB provides enough storage for a 40 min video or about 1000 photos. Actual storage varies because it's based on your camera settings which affects the size of the data and the compression.

If you’d like assistance in planning a trip to Israel that any photographer would love, contact Gil Travel today to find out about our Israel tours and how we can help you plan the perfect trip and get to all the photo-worthy sites!

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