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9 Kosher Restaurants in TLV

Posted by Gil Travel on Dec 1, 2017 7:41:00 AM

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To fully experience Tel Aviv, Israel's Mediterranean coastal city, this once-in-a-lifetime experience should include exploring its exquisite cuisine. The list of the restaurants goes on and on, and it seems impossible to choose the best one to enjoy lunch time or an evening dinner. Another difficulty tourists face is finding a kosher restaurant, since many of the restaurants in Tel-Aviv are not kosher. To help you get the most of your tours to Israel and enjoy every meal, here is the list of the top seven kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv.

Lumina by Meir Adoni, Carlton Hotel, 10 Eliezer Peri Street

If you’re looking for a restaurant with a breathtaking view, Lumina is the right one. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, its guests can enjoy their meal looking at the beach, feeling the breeze coming through the open floor to ceiling windows. It offers an open kitchen so while waiting you can watch your meal being cooked. Lumina restaurant also offers indoor and outdoor tables and a private room suitable for up to forty people. This vibrant restaurant serves three different styles in one menu: Bistro meals, fish & chips, and traditional Jewish dishes (to name some: Hungarian Crepes' and Gefilte Fish). The restaurant also has a fully equipped and rich cocktail menu bar and a bakery.

West Side, Royal Beach Hotel, Hayarkon 19

Located at the Royal Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv, West Side is a prestigious haute cuisine restaurant with a stunning view of Tel Aviv sunsets. It offers an open sea-view balcony as well as closed seating. The restaurant is contemporary, spacious and comfortable - designed in the spirit of New York restaurants. The restaurant’s bar offers an impressive wine selection, imported alcohol and cocktails. The guests can enjoy quality and various seasonal menus.

Goshen, Nahalat Binyamin 37

Goshen is a kosher meat grill restaurant on Nahalat Binyamin. The restaurant expresses Jewish origins, not only in fine food, but also warm atmosphere and its natural colors. Goshen is famous for its flavorsome meat and the finest ingredients. Guests choose their cuts of meat from a platter on a grill. Several side dishes accompany the meat. The meat smoker is placed at the entrance of the restaurant, displaying the top quality meat. For those looking for tasty and juicy meat in an intimate atmosphere and extraordinary experience, Goshen is the right one.

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Pankina, Central Tel Aviv | J.L. Gordon 39

Pankina is the number one Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv. Ever since its opening in 2017, this restaurant offers delicious kosher meals, high quality Italian food in a very Italian and relaxing atmosphere. All dishes are fresh and expertly prepared. The restaurant also offers vegetarian food with milk and fish entrees. Larger groups of guests are welcomed to celebrate, as well as smaller groups and couples for more intimate dinners. Professional, yet friendly staff make meals in this restaurant one very pleasant experience.

Lehamim, Hahashmonaim 103 and Ibn Gvirol 125

Lehamim is a chain of kosher bakeries that makes various types of bread. Inspired by the bakeries from all over the world, they offer marvelous sandwiches, burekas, cookies, cakes and pies. Their Friday sit-down branches are extremely popular, offering the best breakfast in Tel Aviv. You can order a breakfast tray with lots of cakes, smoked tuna and salmon, cheese, cakes and fruits with different kinds of bread. They offer an inside and outside sitting area. You can enjoy your cake and a cup of coffee, or any order 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Bugsy, Florentin 26

Bugsy, based in the Florentine neighborhood, is more of a café than a restaurant, but an amazing place to spend time with your friends. Tasty and delicious kosher food, great cocktails, lively atmosphere, and warm, accommodating staff will make your visit fun and comfortable. The place is good for a night out with friends as well as business or family lunch. During the night, Bugsy mostly hosts younger people in their mid-twenties. The café’s name is a tribute to the notorious Jewish American Gangster Benjamin Siegel.

Mike’s Place (Ha-Arba’a branch), Ha-Arba’a 14

Mike’s Place is a chain of American bars with great beer, excellent food and lots of entertainmen. The place serves the best fajitas, burgers and chicken wings in Tel Aviv. A great selection of beer, cocktails, soft drinks, wine, special sandwiches and desserts is what attracts many visitors. They have a happy hour, from 15:00-19:00, every day. For those looking for amazing atmosphere and lots of fun, Mike’s Place is a great choice. It hosts live music (blues, soul, funk, rock) and enticing themed parties. Many visitors choose this place to watch football, basketball and baseball games on TV, which is one of the reasons why it stays open late at night.

Meatos, 33 Shaul HaMelech Meatos

grill bar is an amazing place for those who love kosher meat. The restaurant is located in the upmarket part of town, right next to the Tel Aviv Art Museum. A library, Cameri Theatre and Opera are also located near the restaurant. Meatos is considered to be one of the kosher restaurants with the best reputation. The restaurant serves excellent and tasty meat dishes that some guests couldn’t believe it’s actually kosher. Its guests enjoy excellent and friendly service in a modern, appealing ambient. This buzzy place with large seating areas, both inside and outside, offers a list of various excellently prepared and presented dishes. Whether you decide to go for lunch or dinner with friends, Meatos is a great place worth visiting.

Cà Phê Hanoi, 3 Malkhei Yisra'el St

Cà Phê Hanoi is a newly opened and unusual restaurant in Tel Aviv. It’s a place where Vietnamese and French cuisine meet, resulting in various unique dishes and cocktail menu. Cà Phê Hanoi offers the Po-Bo dish that cooks for seven hours, featuring flavors of fresh herbs, vegetables, cinnamon, anise, rice noodles, bone marrow, meat slices and Vietnamese coriander. Another highly recommended dish is Sashimi of Hanoi Streets that features granny smith apples, light soy sauce, aioli jojo, black quinoa, lime kefir oil, and fresh fish. With its stylish, modern look, trippy bathrooms and easygoing vibe rarely do the guests of this restaurant leave without being well-impressed and stunned.

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