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7 Gadgets for Easy Traveling

Posted by Iris Hami on Sep 13, 2014 12:31:40 PM

7 Un-Necessities for Traveling


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So much to pack, so little space! Here are 7 gadgets for easy traveling to consider for your next international trip.

The necessities of international travel are passport, visa, money, and probably clothes, at least the ones on your back, but who would want to travel like that?

From backpackers to family vacationers, most travelers would prefer to have a stress-free experience and to be prepared for the most part. Our Packing Guide covers this in more details.

There are many tips and tricks on the internet in regards to maximizing luggage space. If you would like to learn some of them, check out our Pinterest Board for Travel Tips!

This post will focus on fun and interesting "un-necessities" to have on a trip, chances are, your trip will not be spoiled in any way without these products; they are luxuries, but why not travel in style and comfort? You'll feel like a superhero when you can whip any of these 7 gadgets for easy traveling, entertainment, or peace of mind.

Not in any particular order, let's go!

[box title="1. Tablet" style="soft" box_color="#002fd1" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]tablet-431647_640Depending on the nature and length of your trip, a tablet is much more portable and convenient to bring than a laptop. It functions as an e-reader, a gaming console, a video player, a computer, and in a pinch, a video recorder and camera, but at a fraction of the weight and size of the average laptop!

If you're in Israel and you have a spare day or two, you can read our blogs for inspiration on activities to do, sites to visit, or even book one of our day or mini tours! [/box]

[box title="2. Point and Shoot Camera" style="soft" box_color="#002fd1" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]I love my DSLR and the quality of the photos it produces. However, sometimes I am on a trip where I just want some quick snapshots, or I am hiking/biking on rougher trails, and I don't want to bring extra weight or risk damaging my DSLR. That's where a regular ol' point and shoot comes in handy.

The average point and shoot cameras available on the market today are quite affordable and you do not sacrifice quality with them. Most of them have some sort of recording capability so you can even take home videos. Just don't forget to pack some extra memory cards and be sure to check the power source. If your camera uses a rechargeable battery pack, don't forget the charger, they are usually a bit harder to replace abroad, and if it is battery-powered, pack some extra batteries! [/box]

[box title="3. Smartphone" style="soft" box_color="#002fd1" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]iphone-106351_640I think everyone who has a smartphone brings it with them on trips, so you may be wondering why it's listed. It's kind of an all-in-one. An even more portable tablet, though depending on usage, probably has a shorter battery life and the screen isn't that comfortable for extended use. You probably already use it as a camera and video recorder, but it can double as an alarm clock, calculator, currency converter, dictionary, gaming console, flashlight, and of course, phone.

You can call from abroad, using your own smart phone, without worrying about international roaming fees if you're in Israel and you buy a Gil Travel SIM card. You place the order, receive the SIM card, switch it out when you arrive in Israel and you're good to go! When you return, just switch back to your SIM card, and you'll have access to your own network again. Easy peasy. [/box]

[box title="4. Noise-canceling headphones" style="soft" box_color="#002fd1" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]They are great for flights and a long drive to the next touring destination. It buffers against the loud engine sound and any upset infants around you, so you can get some shut-eye on your flight and be ready to tour when you arrive at your destination.

I haven't tried it yet, but a number of travelers recommend using ear plugs with the noise-canceling headphones. I will try it on my next trip. [/box]


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[box title="5. Wine Skin" style="soft" box_color="#002fd1" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]This is good to have in any wine country, such as Israel, but especially if you visit wineries in Golan Heights. It would be hard to resist bringing home that wine you tasted, and you'll probably want to bring more than the 3oz allowed in your carry on. If you check it, you may be concerned what the high altitude, pressure, and perhaps bumpy ride will do to the bottle, and what the wine will do to the other contents within your luggage.


If you have ever faced this dilemma, let me reassure you, there is a solution, Wine Skin. With its bubble interior and tough vinyl exterior, it's protected from hard impact. And, if it were to shatter, rest assure that the double seal would prevent leakage and protect the other contents in your luggage. It is not only for wine, you can use it for any other glass, or fragile containers, such as Israel's lauded olive oil. It is designed for wine, so it would only hold and protect the standard wine bottle and smaller. Note that they are not reusable. [/box]

[box title="6. Anti-theft compartments" style="soft" box_color="#002fd1" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]There are many anti-theft products and methods in the market. From hiding and protecting valuables in an empty sunscreen bottle, a moist towelette container, to buying products designed for that purpose, there are numerous ways to protect your valuables while traveling no matter your budget or luggage space.

Some items to consider would be secret pockets for your clothing/bag, an anti-theft belt, or even sandals with hidden compartments. They are not so much as "un-necessities" as they are methods or products to outsmart pickpockets. No matter what you choose, invest in something that makes you feel secure, and do not draw attention to it. One trick that pickpockets like to use is to "test" a potential victim, and when the individual looks to the hiding place to reassure him/herself, the actual theft occurs. [/box]


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[box title="7. Surge Protector Power Strip" style="soft" box_color="#002fd1" title_color="#000000" radius="6"]It never occurred to me to bring a power strip. It is usually big and bulky, who needs it? Everyone. It is an absolute technology saver if you have a long layover, or have multiple people sharing a hotel room. Anyone who has been to an airport recently can attest to the competition involved to getting access to an outlet. Likewise, if you're sharing a room with multiple people, you'll quickly realize that the number of outlets available is not sufficient.


With a surge protector, not only are you protected against voltage spikes, but you also have access to many outlets so everyone has charged electronics, and you don't need to bring as many converters/adapters. It may be helpful to have a surge protector that has USB ports as well, if not, the TV in your hotel room should have USB port available for charging. [/box]

What do you think of these 7 travel items? What items do you always bring? Let us know on Facebook or in the comment section below!

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