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5 Unique Road Trips to Take Only in Israel

Posted by Gil Travel on Jun 17, 2019 1:48:00 PM

5 Unique Road Trips to Take Only in Israel (1)

It is next to impossible not to have fun in Israel. It really does offer something for everybody’s taste, and if you are a type of person who enjoys road trips, you have found your ideal place. You will get to experience the most unique sights, the most fascinating historical and artistic sites, the diverse nature and landscape – from the desert, over the cities, to the villages, and the sea – and you will get to meet the locals who will share their story and that of their ancestors’ in the area. An interesting fact: you can cross the entire country from north to south in about seven hours, meaning it is really possible to see Israel by car. 

Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Your starting point is the bustling streets of Tel Aviv, which excite all tourists that step on their pavement. Go see the  Rothschild Boulevard,  the Nachalat Benyamin Pedestrian Mall, and the White City of Tel Aviv, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, observe the Bauhaus buildings there, and see the Independence Hall. Then go to the iconic Dizengoff Street, to the Dizengoff Square and its famous Fire and Water Fountain. Have a nice lunch in one of many restaurants, and head over to one of the beaches, like the Jerusalem Beach

There is no such thing as an Israel tour without a visit to Jerusalem. About an hour from Tel Aviv, you’ll get to see the famous Old City, the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Dome of the Rock. Proceed to the Jewish and Christian quarters, to the Temple Mount, and walk along the Via Dolorosa and to the Bazaar.  Then go see many wonders of the Mount of Olives and Mt. Zion.

Jerusalem to Eilat and the Dead Sea

From Jerusalem, proceed to the relaxing beaches of Eilat. This place has a myriad of places tailored for your enjoyment, relaxation, and fun.  Visit Israel’s biggest public aquarium, Coral World Underwater Observatory, home to over 800 species, and go to the amazing Coral Beach Nature Reserve. You can even go on many popular day trips to the Arava, Timna Park, the Eilat Mountains, or Mitzpe Ramon – all places with a great historical and cultural value.

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Leave for Masada early, so you can see the breathtaking sunrise, but also avoid the crowds and the heat, and explore the excavated treasures and structures, mostly built by King Herod.  Descend by cable car to the Dead Sea for some popular and entertaining floating. From here, you can also drive to the wonderful Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, filled with natural waterfalls, botanical gardens, and animals. 

Tel Aviv to Safed

Locates in Upper Galilee, this spiritual must-see city will charm you with its cobblestone streets, art galleries, a relaxed atmosphere, and historical sites forged out of mixture of diverse cultures and traditions. Start at the Artists’ Colony, and then visit the art galleries and old synagogues of the Old City, including the Ari Sephardic Synagogue, the Ashkenazi HaAri Synagogue, the Yosef Caro Synagogue, the Abuhav Synagogue, and the Tzaddik HaLavan Synagogue. See the Citadel, the Saraya, and the Red Mosque.  Go enjoy the picturesque alleys, cafés, and scenery of Rosh Pina, which neighbors Safed. You can also explore the Galilee area, including Mount Hermon, Tiberias, and the Sea of Galilee.

Tel Aviv to Haifa

Take a lovely drive along the Mediterranean coastline, and in about an hour and a half, you’ll reach Haifa – home to the treasured blend of Arabic and Jewish cultures. Situated on the slopes of Mount Carmel, offering some brilliant views, it offers so many places to explore that it’s impossible to list them all here. Start at the famous German colony, and proceed to the Bahá'í World Centre, with the Shrine of the Báb and the breathtaking surrounding gardens. We also recommend you visit the Elijah’s Cave and the Stella Maris Monastery

On your way to Haifa, think about making a couple of enjoyable stops: at the beautiful beach and popular camping site of Beit Yanai, and at Alexander River, home to many beautiful animals, including the giant soft-shelled turtles. 

Haifa to Akko and Rosh Hanikra

Here is another fascinating route. From Haifa, proceed to one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Haifa is located at the strategically important Haifa Bay, which is also one of Israel’s rare natural harbors. The lovely city is home to numerous attractions, such as the Hammam Al Pasha, City Walls, and Knights’ Halls. From here, go to  Al-Jazzar Mosque, or the White Mosque, and the popular Souq Al Abiad (The White Market). Another must-see are the absolutely gorgeous Baha’I Gardens, located along the northern coast of Akko. This World Heritage Site is home to the tomb of the founder of the Baha’i faith, Baha’u’llah, who died in 1892. 

Finally, visit the stunning geological formation, its vast network of grottoes and caves, and their captivating pools of turquoise waters, located along the Mediterranean coastline, called Rosh Hanikra. It’s a truly awe-inspiring and enriching experience. 

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