Jewish Heritage and History of Berlin

Posted by Lauren Yagoda

Jul 7, 2015 9:15:53 AM

Overview of Jews in Berlin

The history of Berlin links closely with the history of the Jews. In fact, it was founded when the Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm I, in 1671, commanded 50 of the Jewish families expelled from Vienna to settle in Berlin. Today, Jews are once again weaving into the life and times of Berlin, but the heritage sites of Jewish past still remain significant in the history of the community.

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Summertime Fun on Beaches in Israel

Posted by Lauren Yagoda

Jun 10, 2015 9:57:58 AM

Summertime and the livin’ is easy. Right? Some Americans with fulltime jobs may not enjoy the easy living of summer months. Friday afternoons they rush to their summer getaways only to spend a few days by a lake, beach, or pool. However, the lucky travelers journeying to Israel this summer can truly experience what relaxing waterside locations Israel has to offer.

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2015 Maccabi Games Berlin: Keeping in Touch with Jewish Roots

Posted by Lauren Yagoda

Jun 3, 2015 9:32:03 AM

A desire, a dream, a vision: those who have been in competitive sports can tell you what champions are made of. So there couldn’t be a better way than The Maccabi Games to allow athletes to attain this. It is also an opportunity to connect with each other, and their Jewish identity. These Games give the participants and observers a delightful mix of sports competition and cultural heritage. It’s a great feeling to cheer on an athlete going for the gold while at the same time, making memories for a lifetime.

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The Benefits of Celebrating your Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel

Posted by Lauren Yagoda

Mar 16, 2015 10:34:26 AM

The splendor and vibrancy of Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations in North America are a wonderful testament to the prosperity of the Jewish community. But there is an entirely different joy to be had in celebrating a young man or woman’s coming of age in the Jewish homeland - in Israel itself.

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